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Walnut Wooden Spoon Rest, Wood Spoon Holder, County Kitchen Ladle Holder, Unique Housewarming Gift


Walnut Wooden Spoon Rest. Made to order.

• Made to Order - The one that you receive will NOT be the one in the picture BUT will be just as beautiful!
• Spoon rest are made of Walnut that we hand pick so you know it will be up to our standards!
• Wooden Spoon rests are approximately 4x4 inches in size (exact size will vary).
• The center is bowled out to catch spoon droppings.
• The throat of the groove is approximately 1 inches wide to house most household ladles and spatulas.
• The bottom of the spoon rest is beveled and our PC is branded on the bottom.
• The spoon rest is finished off with cutting board oil. NO OTHER OILS OR CHEMICALS USED!
• Just oil the spoon rest from time to time with mineral oil or cutting board oil to keep up its shine and refresh the finish!
• Handwash and towel dry. NOT dishwasher safe!

Shipping: US. FREE | Canada $15.95 | Everywhere Else $26.95